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Cathodic protection rectifiers
Zonal concrete protection D5674
Switchfree multiplexer for references D5625
Voting reference system D5623
Precision Interruptor D5526
DC/DC isolated CP system D5625
Thyristor (SCR) controlled automatic rectifiers D5518
High Current Air/Oil Cooled Rectifiers D5546
Battery Chargers
DC Power Rectifiers
Chokes & Reactors
AC Voltage Stabilisers
Klaschka Relays

M. Brodribb make a wide range of cathodic protection rectifiers ranging from classic variable autotranformer types through thyristor control and modular switchmode configurations. We can provide cathodic protection rectifiers for air cooled, oil cooled and hazardous area operation. Brodribb cathodic protection rectifiers are in service around Australia and throughout S.E. Asia. We specialize in medium to high current applications for wharfs, tanks, pipelines and infrastructure.


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